Share The Quiz

Just the knowledge found in The Freedom Quiz booklet, is enough to point people in the right direction. By conducting the freedom quiz survey with someone, you create a curiosity in them to know the correct answers. Then by  giving them a booklet or by directing them to the answers online, you have provided knowledge and helped secure freedom!

We have made this simple. The Freedom Quiz can be shared in multiple ways:

  • Share it in person using your cell phone. Just go to using your the browser on your smart phone.
  • Ask your friends to take the quiz on their personal computer by going to
  • Share an invitation to take the quiz by sending a link to to your email list.
  • Share a link to on social media.

We are finding new ways of spreading this information all the time!


If you are interested in using the Freedom Quiz as an educational tool in your church, civic group, etc., contact us for ideas.